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Redmond resumes livestreams in fine form

Chris Garlock | Published on 11/11/2023

Over 80 showed up Friday night for Michael Redmond 9P’s livestream commentary on his game against 18-year-old Hino Shota.

The stream began with updates on Redmond’s activities this year, since it’s been a while since his last livestream. After a bout with covid in September that left him in a weakened condition for a few weeks, Redmond reports he’s fully recovered, is just wrapping up in-person Go teaching at Chiba University and is working on generating new content for his YouTube channel.

In tournament play, Redmond is 9/8 for the year, “Not as good a record as I’d like, but not bad, all things considered,” he says. Another major accomplishment this year was the release of “Undefeated: The Games of AlphaGo Master,” Volume 2 of the
AlphaGo to Zero series. Stream host Chris Garlock reported that he and Redmond are now working on Volume 3, in which Redmond is identifying key points in each of the 55 AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo games. Redmond will be livestreaming commentaries on AG-AG games 54 and 55 on December 15 and January 19 to complete the video series.

The Oza B Section game against Hino, who was an impressive 20-5 at the time, was a very close contest, and Redmond’s commentary provides his usual sharp insights into the mind of a top pro. Of special interest is the critical attempt by Hino to use his central wall to gain an advantage. The game commentary is
available here on Twitch

Eva Dee Beech directed the livestream, which originated on Twitch, and streamed to the AGA’s website, which this week launched a chyron on the top of the page which will feature top news and event updates. 

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