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Ken Murakami new Vermont state champ

Chris Garlock | Published on 10/29/2023
Sixteen Go players from Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island gathered to play on a beautiful autumn day in Middlebury at the Fall Vermont Go Tournament on Saturday, October 28.  Peter Schumer was the TD and Jack Cary served as co-organizer and promoter.  In first place -- and new Vermont state champion -- is Kentaro (Ken) Murakami 5k, the only player undefeated in four rounds of play.  Second place went to Micah Feldman 3d on 3 -1 and third place to Bill Arrand 2k, also 3 - 1.  

Donuts, banana bread, apples, cookies, and cider was available for all to enjoy.  Several prizes were given to all players including trophies, framed certificates, Go books and magazines from the AGA, maple syrup and honey from Rich Chalmers, Go sets from Yellow Mountain Imports, lessons from Guo Juan 5P, and gift cards for access to the app Badukpop.  “We thank all our participants and sponsors for a very fun and engaging day of Go games and good fellowship!” says Shumer.

photos: top left: first place award with Ken Murakami 5k and Pete Schumer (TD), top right, second place award with Micah Feldman 3d, bottom right, third place award with Bill Arrand 2k, bottom left: fighting spirit award (for encouragement) to Zeyi Tong along with Pete Schumer. Photos by Jack Cary 1k.

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