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Oxford Go Club Hosts Chris Garlock on Thames Walk

Gurujeet Khalsa | Published on 9/25/2023

The Oxford City Go Club hosted EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock — currently walking the 200-mi Thames Path as a fundraiser for the AGF— at a special gathering Friday night at organizer Harry Fearnley’s home, joined by “Sato” Kishigami.


After teaming up to solve some challenging tsumego problems — and a look at Fearnley’s impressive stone and fossil collection — the three engaged in a wide-ranging discussion on Go and AI over Chinese take-away. Fearnley first learned the game when he came to Oxford in the 1960s and Kishigami, who discovered the local clubs when he came to study, learned it as a child in Japan. The Oxford City Go Club was created because the Oxford University Go Society doesn’t meet out of term, and while attendance at both clubs has gone up and down over the years, both Fearnley and Kishigami say they are firmly committed to the feel of actual Go pieces and the human contact of in-person play. 


Prominently featured at the Oxford Go Club are two calligraphy scrolls -- “one being the famous saying ‘HandTalk Forget worries’ (where HandTalk is "Go"!) and the other a customised ‘OxFord WeiQi’ scroll -- both done by a Chinese calligrapher visiting Oxford,” said Fearnley, for the latter, see

To contribute to Garlock’s Thames Path fundraiser for the American Go Foundation, click here:

All contributions go directly to the AGF; and are tax deductible 

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