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Transatlantic Pro Team Championship returns

Chris Garlock | Published on 9/14/2023

Top European and North American Go players will battle it out once again beginning this Saturday. The Transatlantic Pro Team Championship, the eagerly anticipated professional team championship between the North American Go Federation (NAGF) and the European Go Federation (EGF) is coming back for a second edition. In the previous tournament in 2019, the EGF team defeated the North American team by 5-3 in a win-and-continue format. This time, the tournament will again be played online, on OGS, but the format will be different.

There will be a total of three rounds in this edition of the tournament. In each round, three players from each team will play games against three players from the other team. These games will take place simultaneously. The player order for both teams will be announced before each round. Note that there will be a third round regardless of the results of the first two rounds.

The championship will be held September 16, 30, and October 7, beginning at 12:30 pm US Eastern Time (6:30 pm European Central Time).

Follow all games with live commentary on the EGF Twitch channel, a joint streaming collaboration between the EGF and the NAGF. Watch a promo video here..

Confirmed players include:

EGF Team: Artem Kachanovskyi 2P; Pavol Lisy 2P; Ali Jabarin 2P; Andrii Kravets 1P; Stanisław Frejlak 1P; Tanguy Le Calvé 1P; Jan Simara 1P.

NAGF Team: Ryan Li 4P; Eric Lui 2P; Kevin Yang 1P; Alexander Qi 1P; Michael Chen 1P

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