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Young talents shine at Baduk Festival in Mexico City

Chris Garlock | Published on 9/7/2023

Mexico City’s Library La Ciudadela hosted the Baduk Festival on Saturday, September 2; the Festival was a children's and youth tournament organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico and the Library.

With 28 players distributed across three divisions, the competition showcased young Go players’ skill and finesse.

Results by Division:

Division A:(8K-12k) 1. Damián Tovar 2. Ian M. Hernández 3. Rubén E. Hernández
Division B(13k-15k): 1. Michelle A. Wong 2. Ana Victoria Trinidad 3. María Sofía Carlin
Division C(16k-21k): 1. Sofía Cecilia Zepeda 2. Claudio Y. Martínez 3. Itzae Flores García.

The Festival began with welcoming remarks from the director of the Korean Cultural Center, Mr. Woopyo Jun, who shared his enthusiasm for the growth of baduk in Mexico. Accompanying him was Karla G. Consuegra, Head of the Department of Information Services at the Mexico City Library, who expressed her support for this cultural activity. A performance of traditional Korean percussion music by the group "Salmunori México Saewoolim" added a special touch.

At the end of the tournament, the winners were rewarded with baduk boards and stones, and all participants received gifts as a token of appreciation for their participation. “The Festival was not only a competition of strategy but also a cultural event that promoted the appreciation of this ancient Korean tradition in the heart of Mexico City,” says Siddhartha Avila. “The organizers, participants, and attendees can take pride in contributing to the enrichment of the baduk community in the country. We eagerly look forward to future events that will continue to foster a love for this strategic game.”

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