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Mexico City Science Fair features 10-year-old’s Go study

Chris Garlock | Published on 8/28/2023

A recent science fair in Mexico City featured a cognitive skills study on Go by a 10-year-old.

The National Science Fair PAUTA, held August 19 at El Colegio Nacional in Mexico City, gathered young talents from across Mexico to present scientific projects with social impact. Ten-year-old Michelle Wong, who’s been a Go player since she was little, presented her research, titled "The Game of Go as Support for Cognitive Skills Development," focusing on two study groups with a series of assessments: one that plays Go and another that does not. The results showed that the group that played Go developed 15% more mathematical skills, experienced a 2% increase in decision-making ability, and exhibited a 13% higher level of creativity compared to the group that did not play Go.

“The fair, supported by the Adopt a Talent Program, promises a bright future for science in Mexico,” reports
Siddhartha Avila. “The program is conducted annually, ensuring the continuous fostering of scientific interest among the country's youth.” Stay tuned for more news on this event.

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