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NAGF ProQual: Credits

Chris Garlock | Published on 8/12/2023

The American Go E-Journal’s NAGF ProQual coverage team this year owes a huge debt to the San Francisco Go Club, which hosted the event, the North American Go Federation, which organized it and to Devin Fraze and the crew at BadukClub. NAGF Executive Director Hajin Lee extended special thanks to the NAGF Pro Selection Committee, to TD Mike Bull, and to SFGC president Matthew Barcus for all his support.

Game commentators included Albert Yen 8D; Amy Guo 7D, Justin Teng 6D, Jiuheng He 5D, Paige Lemaster 5D, James Sedgwick 5D, Michael Zhou 5D, Audrey Wang 3D, Devin Fraze 1k, Paul Mendola 4k, Katie Oh 5k, and Triton Perrin.

In addition to Devin Fraze, the BadukClub team included Jeremy Donley, William Bloomquist, Ed Hellen, Kara Ray, Paul Mendola, Josh Allen, James Matson and Andrew Rush.

Game recorders: Dash Zhang, Yindan Cheng, Steve Burrall, Julie Burrall, Arthur Shi, Tracey Y, Chao  Zhang, Max Zhang, and Chris Garlock (who also reported for the E-Journal and the AGA’s website and social media and coordinated the NAGF ProQual coverage).

photo: Game recorder Dash Zhang, BadukClub’s Jeremy Donley (in red shirt) and TD Mike Bull, watching Joel Kenny (left) play Michael Chen. 
8/14: This post has been updated, adding Amy Guo as a commentator, game recorder Max Zhang, and correcting Yindan Cheng's last name.  

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