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Chris Garlock | Published on 7/13/2023
Two top Pair Go games, two identical first moves, two different results. Both pairs playing black in Thursday night’s 2023 US Pair Go Championship played their first move on the Tengen, or center point. On Board 1, Liya Luk 1d and Tianyuan Zhang 6d won a hard fought match to take first place over Jamie Tang 1k and Albert Yen 8d. The match on Board 2 ended in resignation with the partnership of Paige LeMaster 5d and Jeremiah Donley 5d winning third place over Annie Wagner 4d and Edward Zhang 6d. Entertaining live commentary was provided by Samantha Soo 2d and Justin Teng 6d. Andrew Zhang was the TD, with support from Assistant TD Steve Zhang.
- report/photo by Todd Heidenreich
Photo: (front row, l-r): Albert Yen, Jamie Tang, Andrew Zhang, Liya Luk, Tianyuan Zhang; (back row, l-r): Edward Zhang, Annie Wagner, Justin Teng, Samantha Soo, Paige LeMaster, Jeremiah Donley

THIS JUST IN: Pair Go Main Tournament Table 1 winners are Yingzhi Qian 5d/Alan Huang 7d; there were 52 pairs. 

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