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2023 U.S. GO CONGRESS DAILY REPORT: Tuesday, July 11

Chris Garlock | Published on 7/11/2023

2023 U.S. GO CONGRESS DAILY REPORT: Tuesday, July 11

PRO-PRO PAIR GO SPECIAL: Stephanie Yin 1P and Satoshi Yanigisawa 6P teamed up to defeat Eunkyo Do 1P and Han Han 5P in yet another special self-organized event on Tuesday afternoon. The showdown took place in the Strong Players Room and was streamed live on YouTube by the EJ broadcast team, with c
ommentary by Ryan Li 4P, hosted by Soren Jaffe 6d (CLICK HERE to see the video).  A live video feed showed all four players and Satoshi’s heart rate display (like Ryan Li’s the day before) provided an interesting data point for commentators and observers alike, as did the simultaneous AI evaluation display.  “That heart rate monitor is very interesting,” said one viewer, “We need one for each team!
Report/photos/collage by Chris Garlock

Masters results through Round 3 are now posted here; undefeated so far are Han Han 5P, Eric Lui 2P and Xingzhi Shen 7d. Click here for complete results/pairings at the U.S. Open, Women’s and Seniors tournaments. Note that these events are all off Wednesday, the traditional Day Off, and will resume Thursday; EJ broadcast coverage also resumes Thursday morning at 9a ET.   

Masters Player 1: “Any tips on how to beat Albert (Yen)?”
Masters Player 2: “Hm. Play good moves?” 
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photos/collage Chris Garlock

Winners are: Western: Chris Kirschner; Eastern: Trevor Morris; Central: Devin Fraze
Arnold Eudell; photo (center in top right collage) by Todd Heidenreich; l-r Morris, Kirschner, Fraze

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