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2023 U.S. GO CONGRESS DAILY REPORT: Monday, July 10

Chris Garlock | Published on 7/10/2023

ANOTHER SPECIAL MATCH: Four pros – Stephanie Yin 1P/Satoshi Yanigisawa 6P vs. Eunkyo Do 1P/Han Han 5P – are planning a special rengo Pair Go match Tuesday at 1:15pm; it’ll be broadcast on the AGA website on YouTube. Ryan Li 4P will provide commentary.

MORE PAIR GO: Round 1 of the 2023 Pair Go championships will be broadcast live on the AGA website Tuesday night starting at 7:30p, with commentary by Nate Morse 5d and Eva-Dee Beech 2k.

LIGHTNING TOURNAMENT: Ninety-four players participated in Monday night’s Lighting Tournament, directed as always by Keith Arnold, hka.  The sixteen table winners will play playoffs to determine kyu and dan champions. Notable results were the victory of Jerry Jaffe, Congress Director who had to forfeit his last game to run to a meeting and still won his table and an unprecedented 5 way tie at 3-2 on the shodan table.  Also of note was the unusual number of undefeated players in the kyu ranks.

Table winners were: Chaoyi Bian 7d – undefeated; Soren Jaffe 6d – undefeated; Jasper Emerson 3d; Linden Chiu 3d; Jerry Jaffe 1d; Howard Wong 1d; David Jung 1d; Thomas Gehrt 2k; Billy Maier 3k -  undefeated; Jason Miller 4k – undefeated; Junhao Fan 6k  - undefeated; Bingsheng Peng 7k; Haoran Su 8k – undefeated; Regina Kim 9k; Neil Zod 12k – undefeated; Rachel Zimmerman 19 kyu – undefeated.

MONDAY’S BROADCASTS: Han Han continued his undefeated record in U.S. tournament play, beating Yutong Shao 8d on Board 1 of the Masters, Eric Lui defeated Shengda Tan on Board 2 and Albert Yen 8d beat Shangze Bi 5d on Board 3; Masters results – along with U.S. Go Congress, Women’s and Seniors are all posted here. Click here for the Exhibition Match between  Ryan Li 4P VS Kim Jiseok 9P and here for the 2023 Redmond Cup Finals (Day 2). Watch and share!

Report/photos/collage by Chris Garlock (backgammon photo by Gurujeet Khalsa)

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