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2023 U.S. GO CONGRESS DAILY REPORT: Sunday, July 9

Chris Garlock | Published on 7/9/2023

THIS JUST IN: Ryan Li vs. Jiseok Kim!
Homegrown U.S. professional Ryan Li 4P will take on Jiseok Kim 9P, one of the strongest players in the world, Monday at 1:15p ET. “They just met yesterday and have already become fast friends,” said Stephanie Yin 1P on today’s livestream; she’ll be providing the live game commentary with EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock; tune in on the AGA’s homepage.

Tournaments: Whether you’re onsite or following the action from afar, tournament matches and standings are just a click away on the Congress Leago site. Tournaments with Round 1 results include the U.S. Open, Women’s and Senior events; the Masters page should be updated soon. Players are reminded that they can now upload game records; stay tuned for directions.

Broadcasts: The E-Journal broadcast team streamed the top boards in the Masters – pro commentary by Stephanie Yin 1P, hosted by Solomon Smilack and Cat Mai -- and the Redmond Cup finals, with commentary by Mateusz Surma 2P, hosted by Albert Yen. Coverage of Round 2 of the Masters starts at 9a Tuesday, with a pre-show at 9:30 and pro commentary at 10a by Inseong Hwang 8D. Tune in on the AGA’s homepage.

Social Media: Keep up with all the Congress action on the AGA’s Twitter feed and/or via the free YAPP app.|

Other activities on the first full day of the Congress included pro simuls, lectures (like “Why Am I Stuck? With Ryan Li 4P and “The Grass Is Always Greener” by Eunkyo Do 1P), game analyses, Youth Lightning Go, and of course the Self-Paired.   

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Report/photos/collage by Chris Garlock. photo: (clockwise from top left): Masters Board 1, Round 1; two presidents; Senior's Cup; Pro simul; pro lecture with Inseong Hwang; U.S. Open; Masters players studying life and death before Round 1.

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