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Latest SmartGo One: More games, better search, plus favorites

Chris Garlock | Published on 7/4/2023

Just in time for the U.S. Go Congress, which begins this coming Saturday, SmartGo has released several useful upgrades to SmartGo One, including more games, better search and the ability to track your favorite players.

With over 118,000 games now in the GoGoD pro game collection, the newest version of SmartGo One adds more ways to search, and shows  which games have been added in the most recent update (read more here). Previously, for example, a search for player Li He would return over 5,000 games, finding any players with Li or He in their name; now a search for “Li He” returns just her 346 games.

You can also now mark your favorite players (and just like your favorite games, problems, and books, this syncs across your devices), so you can see just their games.

In other SmartGo news, John Power’s tour-de-force “Essential Go Proverbs” -- 45 years in the making, by the author of “Invincible” -- has recently been added to Go Books.

“I look forward to seeing many of you at the U.S. Go Congress,” says  SmartGo’s Anders Kierulf. “I will be giving a demo of SmartGo and Go Books on Monday, July 10 from 7-8 PM, but please bring me questions or issues any time.”  

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