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Pro photos wanted for AlphaGo book

Chris Garlock | Published on 6/2/2023
Finishing up the long-awaited Volume 2 of their AlphaGo to Zero series, Michael Redmond 9P and EJ Managing Editor Chris Garlock are looking for photos of some of the professionals who took on the Master AI in 2017. “The new book will include brand-new commentaries on this fascinating series of games between AlphaGo and top human players,” says Redmond. “These games changed the way professionals play the game today.”  

Players whose photos are needed include: An Sungjoon 7p, Chang Hao 9p, Chen Hao 5p, Chou Chun-hsun 9p, Han Yizhou 5p, Kim Junghyun 6p, Li Xiangyu 3p, Lian Xiao 7p, Liu Yuhang 1p, Pan Tingyu 1p, Qiao Zhijian 4p, Wang Haoyang 6p, Weon Seongjin 9p, Yan Zaiming 3p, Yu Zhiying 5p, Yun Chanhee 6p, Zhang Ziliang 1p, Zhou Ruiyang 9p.

Photos can be png or jpg format; please send to

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