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4th Latin American Go Congress “a huge success”

Published on 11/24/2022

Top left: Congress playing area; top right (l-r): special guest Devin Fraze, Feng Yun 9p, organizer Haroldo Brown, Eunkyo Do 1p, Stephanie Yin 1p and Argentina Go Association president Santiago Laplagne; bottom: Congress attendees.

The Quzhou Lanke Cup 4.º Congreso Latino­americano de Go 2022 (4th Latin American Go Congress) turned out to be a huge success,” reports Stephanie Yin 1P. “The event was held October 7th-11th, 2022 in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Three professional go players were invited: Feng Yun 9p, Stephanie Yin 1p, and Eunkyo Do 1p from Korea.  We held game reviews, lectures, simul games, and had many unforgettable memories with the local players!” The presence of both Feng Yun and Stephanie Yin was funded by the American Go Foundation, notes AGF president Terry Benson. “This is the U.S. paying back the support we got for decades and paying forward go in this hemisphere,” said Benson.  
“The 84-odd participants enjoyed the Congress tremendously and in no small way this was thanks to the participation of Stephanie and Feng Yun who worked tirelessly on revisions, simultaneous games, workshops and live commentary of games. Thanks also goes to Devin Fraze, who was most supportive in all matters.” said organizer Haroldo Brown. “We had the most kids who participated in the congress this year. It is not a large number but we are very happy to see go has been introduced more in the kids community.”

“The Latin American Go Congress is a very unique Go congress” said Stephanie Yin. “It is priceless to meet so many enthusiastic go players on the other side of the states.” Players there are very humble and eager to improve, Yin added. The Pandanet City League Finals featured Chile and Brazil, and at the closing ceremony, both teams brought their handmade country flags to celebrate. 

“I believe that the world of go will expand much more quickly than we expected because we have so many such awesome go players!” said Yin. As the AGA’s Development VP, the representative of the American Go Foundation, and also as a professional go player, Yin pledged to “do my best to promote, teach, and help whenever and wherever needed. I also hope that more schools will include go as a subject in America. I am seeing a brighter future for the world of go.”

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