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Fun & games at the National War College

Chris Garlock | Published on 6/20/2024
The National Co Center (NGC) teamed up with the National War College (NWC) on May 31 for a Go teaching event as a fun end-of-term activity. The NGC team was composed of Bin Duan, Richard Duan, Laurie Ensworth, Ed Shu and Gary Smith. The program was a 30-minute talk on the game of Go, including rules of play, followed by an hour or so of 9x9 play by NWC students and staff. The NWC provides a year-long advanced degree program for senior US military, US State Department, and international military. Host Colonel Thomas Stevenson was delighted by the success of the program and invited all for an after-action debrief in the basement of Roosevelt Hall at a bar called Teddy's.

Photos: (top left, by Bin Duan) Bin Duan, Laurie Ensworth, Ed Shu, Richard Duan, Gary Smith; (top right, by Col. Thomas Stevenson) NWC students and staff enjoying exploring Go; (bottom right) Gary Smith’s presentation; (bottom left, by Col. Thomas Stevenson): Laurie Ensworth teaching; (middle left): Bin Duan, Col. Thomas Stevenson, Gary Smith, and Laurie Ensworth

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