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Southern California Go Happenings

Tony Yang 7.3-dan versus Evan Tan 6.3-dan on KGS
By Theodore B Terpstra
Posted: 2024-06-17T02:01:55Z

For over a year, Tony Yang 7.3-dan, has been taking on any challenger on KGS (San Diego Go Club Room) at 7:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesdays and then analyzing the game with his opponent immediately afterwards.

With school ending for the summer, Tuesday, June 18, 2024 will be his last "Tuesday with Tony" until the fall.

Tony's opponent this week, will be Evan Tan 6.3-dan (another San Diego Go Club member).

Tuesday's match of rising star youth in the SDGC, pits 11-year-old, Evan, 2nd place in the 2024 SD Open Go Championship, versus 15-year-old, Tony, defending US Go Open Champion and 3rd in 2023 World Youth Go Championship.

The game will be 30-minutes per player + Byo-yomi. All observers may ask questions during the analysis phase.


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