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Enriching My Love of the Game

Go Magic League and The Surgeon Blade Award
By Terri K Schurter
Posted: 2024-02-27T16:03:20Z

Go Magic League Season 4 Round 1

My first game in the new season of the Go Magic League turned out to be a 0.5 victory. It will qualify for The Surgeon Blade Award which is one of the special awards that will be granted at the end of the season.

From the Go Magic Leago site:

I won this award in a previous season of the Go Magic League, and I received quite a nice prize in the form of a sizable discount code. I applied it to the extension of my membership for a year. 

My Go Magic membership is active now through mid 2031.

If you are interested in playing in the Go Magic League you can actually join mid season because of the method they are using for pairings, which is McMahon. You can join and they will slot you in for the next round. It is a free league, so consider joining.

You can find details on the Go Magic Leago Page including a list of the other prizes offered 

Now for my usual Go Activities content:

It was an average week for Go Activity with just over 20 hours spent. Live Play came in as the top activity with nearly eight hours spent.

In the coming week I will continue to rack up BenKyo League Title Tournament points in my quest to hold onto the title The Hand of God.

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