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Open Corners

The One with My Annoying Voice
By Keith Arnold
Posted: 2024-02-26T03:00:00Z

This blog will be what you young folks call an unboxing video. Much of this is explained in the videos, but a friend traveling to Japan offered to pick up a missing book for my collection, and the project simply mushroomed.

The books were selected back in October, and shipped seamail.

T Mark Hall in front of Akasiya Shoten - photo copyright John Fairbairn, use only with written permission

Here we see recent blog subject T Mark Hall at the scene of the crime. Akasiya Shoten is a used bookstore in Tokyo which caters to go and shogi players. Many of the books obtained can be seen in the window.

After what certainly seemed like a long wait, the books arrived on January 9.

As mentioned in the video, we discovered that we only had two of four boxes. Fortunately the next two boxes arrived 4 days later on January 13. After scheduling delays with my videographer...

I hope you enjoyed watching, as much as I am enjoying the books. Not really, but I hope you enjoyed it some. Nothing in my "in the moment" remarks should be interpreted as a slight on the booksellers. Buying used books, sight unseen, from across the sea is not always going to meet every expectation. I am absolutely satisfied. John Power, who accompanied Patrick to the store, carefully observed that I was getting the best copies of the books available.

Here they are displayed with most of the rest of my Japanese go book collection. This would never have happened without the hard work of Patrick Bannister, and the help of John Power, Justin Teng and Life in 19’s tchan. Most importantly, the good folks at Akasiya Shoten really delivered.

autumn’s dream sails true,

while impatient leaves mark time

till winter’s heart warms

- Keith L. Arnold, hka, February 2024

Videos recorded by Justin Teng.

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