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50 Years aGO

June 1974
By Keith Arnold
Posted: 2024-06-23T06:00:00Z

Takemiya Masaki 8d's challenge for the Hon'inbo title continued this month. On June 10/12, he took a 2-1 lead in the series. However, Ishida Yoshio Hon'inbo, his senior Kitani disciple, came roaring back, winning on June 19/20 and June 26/27 to put himself one win away from another title defense. (Game records: Game Three, Game Four, Game Five)

On June 12, the final of British Championship was held at the Waldorf Hotel in London. Jon Diamond 4d, British Champion since 1965, was once again defending his title. Paul Prescott won the Challenger's league in Reading, having been a mere 1k at the start of the year. Brilliant results allowed him to skip shodan and go straight to 2d, and managed to reach 3d in time for the match. He remarked that he did not intend to lose before lunch, and a quiet and slow opening was the result. After lunch, the challenger found a brilliant move, which was highly praised by Iwamoto Kaoru 9d. The result was the first new British Champion in a decade.

Photo from Kidō Yearbook, game records courtesy of SmartGoOne

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